The Banking and Finance Review

Ownership Structure, Non-Interest Income and Bank Risk in Ghana

Benjamin A Abugri, Theophilus T Osah, Samuel K Andoh


This study investigates the relationship between bank ownership structure, non-interest income and risk in an emerging market setting. Our analysis shows that the relationship between product diversification and bank risk is significantly influenced by asset size and ownership structure. In contrast to large banks, small banks are exposed to higher risk when the income share of non-traditional banking activities rise. We also find strong evidence of differences in risk exposure of banks to non-interest income after controlling for ownership structure. Private domestic and private foreign banks experience lower risk with higher non-interest income while the converse is true for public domestic banks. Furthermore, we show that the speed with which risk adjust to non-income activities is faster for domestic private banks than for foreign banks. These results could provide useful information to investors and regulators of banking institutions as they seek to reconcile the important issues of bank ownership structure, income diversification and size on the one hand with the level of risk exposure on the other hand.



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